Real Estate Consultants

Our reports are prepared in accordance with the rules defined by the CMVM Regulation 1/2005 and 8/2002, and in exceptional cases of expropriation is used the Code of Expropriation (approved by Law 168/99 of 18 September and amended by Law 13/2002 of 19 February and No. 4 - / 2003 of 19 February).

The evaluation is performed according to the methods that best suit the property in question.

Among the methods used are:
Method Market.
Cost Method.
Income Method / DCF.
All reviews are subject to quality control, the level of central offices.

We have a database of the Portuguese real estate market with a daily update. them, responding with rigor and professionalism, doing real estate appraisals.

Real Estate Appraisal

Warehouses / Industries
Shops and Offices
Land (Rustic, Urban, Allotments)
Gas Stations
Assessment for real estate investment trusts
Evaluation and legal defense of cases of expropriations
Assessment for succession reasons
Reviews Tax

Property consultancy

Study and development of investment projects
Study cost - benefit under NRAU - Landlord and Tenant
Economic feasibility studies
Urban studies
Preparation of dossiers to support the real estate and all linked to development assistance by promoting
Realization of 3D presentations, real estate projects, dossiers for presentation, marketing and publications;
Realization of CD / DVD for interactive visualization projects

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