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The ana & pedro was founded in 2005 in Pacos Ferreira, Ana Monteiro and Pedro Monteiro who remains at the helm of the company. The office develops its activity in different and diverse areas (accounting, project management, project and real estate consultancy and valuation).
The company in the early years focused on the development of the accounting department, and real estate consulting. In 2006 the opportunity to acquire an accounting office that enabled faster growth and create a broader customer base in order to support the technological investments that the company needed appeared. The department projects comes after answering the challenges of several customers who would like to offer this service.
In 2012, gives the beginning of the project to internationalize the services of real estate consulting and project of ana & pedro by opening office in Algiers.
Based on the knowledge gained over the years, the ana & pedro has managed to consolidate its position in the national and international market.
We seek to develop projects that meet the needs of our customers in an innovative way and with a commitment to quality, accuracy, objectivity and transparency.

We provide our services in the best solutions based on technical knowledge acquired in the different areas where we operate. Established with our client, company and employees with a long-term relationship.

We design solutions for the future.

Top priorities of the company are the assumptions inherent rigor. The work of Ana & Pedro is guided by a rigorous technical, specialized and multifaceted lift, which combined with a creative, innovative and comprehensive approach that creates works of great quality and made with objectivity. The company diversifies its operations in a multitude of projects. The company regesse by a code of ethics that represents our commitment to a responsible, ethical, transparent operation and mutual respect.
Systematically ana & pedro identifies aspects and environmental impacts to be considered the starting point for the pursuit of improved environmental performance inherent to each project and taking into account the socio-cultural diversities implied. We have special attention to the sustainability of our projects.


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